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Small Tanto fighter by Kurt Meerdink

Presentation Hunter by Steve Culver MS

2 Blade Jigged Bone Slip Joint by Gary Crowder

Push Dagger by Lloyd Hale

Fighter/Bowie by A. J. Bud Hubbard

Clam Shell Bowie by Gil Hibben

"Biblical" 1 of 3 Folder by Raymond Rybar

Tail release Folder by Jim Sornberger

Small Folder by Steve Busch

Persian style Folder by Jerry Rados

Bowie by Jim Siska

Auto Folder by Steve Olszewski


Estate sale

Liner Lock Folder by Jim Sinclair

Auto Folder by Rendon Griffin

Assisted Opener Folder by Ralph Selvidio

Slip Joint Folder by Harvey McBurnette

2 Blade Slip Joint by Eugene Shadley

Black Lip Pearl Back Lock by Ken Steigerwalt

Black Lip Pearl Liner Lock by Ralph Selvidio

Fancy Liner Lock Folder by Roger Gamble

End of estate Sale


Perazzi MX2000 with Briley Sub-gauge Tubes

Dagger by J. F. Ence

Fancy Fighter by Ed Kalfayan

Large Fancy Fighter by Ed Kalfayan

3 Chute Knives by John Young

Fighter by Collin Cox

Kazuka by Phill Hartsfield

Push Dagger by J. Fuller

Mid release Folder by Ruffin Johnson

Small Trailing Point Hunter by Jerry Stone  

Bird & Trout by Jerry Stone

28C Boner by Ruana

Folder by John W. Smith


Estate sale

Small Utility Knife by Bill Moran

Liner Lock Folder by Wayne Whittaker

Rear Lock Folder by Robert Sidelinger

Liner Lock Folder by Roger Hatt

Fighter by Will Pass

Fighter by Gene Baskett

Clip Point Hunter by Bob Tice

Engraved Back Lock by David Taylor

End of estate Sale



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