Customer Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.
3/01/2020, Recently completed a multiple knife purchase from Mike of RCK and the experience could not be better. The process was smooth with lots of options to make it work best for the custom. Mike was responsive, helpful, reasonable and great to work with. Buying over the internet based upon pictures is always nerve wracking however the knives exceeded my expectations and were simply outstanding in all ways possible. Buy with confidence. Highly recommend RCK.

- Lewis Orsi, Somwhere IL
11/24/2019, Recv'd the knife. Better than I could imagine! The blade size... for me, will work well for gutting deer. I can now put to rest a very pricey Randall that I've been using like a chainsaw.

- Ed Horniak, Somwhere IL
4/17/2019, Thanks Mike! Much appreciated.

- Ron Sabbagh, Somwhere IL
12/21/2019, Knife arrived, quality excellent, your help is much appreciated. Merry Christmas.

- Don Pedro Carley, Somwhere IL
4/16/2003, Mike's a gentleman all around. You will not be disappointed in your dealings with him.

- Gene Ingram from ""
3/17/2003, I'd never heard of Rehoboth Custom Knives until around 2 1/2 weeks ago. A gentleman by the name of Mike runs the show. And I have to tell you guys... his inventory may not be up to the numbers like Knifeart, Bladegallery or Bladeart... But his current inventory is awesome in it's quality...and his service is stellar to say the least!:D And since I've had nothing but good experiences with those large sites, I have to now include Rehoboth amongst the top sites to visit and buy from!

- Joe Shredd from ""